PIPEFITTER / PLUMBING (Manpower Pooling only)

PIPEFITTER / PLUMBING (Manpower Pooling only)

Posted 3 years ago

Basic Function : To undertake plumbing maintenance, repair and installation work of taps, showers toilets and other facilities at workshop and rigs.

Work Performed :

a)            Receives verbal work assignments from Supervisor. Evaluates work scope and participants in ordering parts required. Responds to emergency calls and effects temporary or permanent emergency repairs.

b)            Inspects and dissembles plumbing fixtures or piping joints to determine cause of malfunction, cleans, repairs, or replaces faulty parts, reassembles, and tests for proper functioning.  Such units include sinks, taps, toilets, filters, and the like.

c)            Installs, maintains and repairs plumbing fixtures, appliances, and related piping, such as sinks, toilets, baths, water heaters, storage tanks and filters, fire hydrants, drainage lines and sewage lines.  Includes locating unit, installing, using such hand tools as wrench, hacksaw, pipe bending machine and other hand tools and cementing in place, caulking ceramic joints, connecting to water and drainage lines and testing to check operation of unit and integrity of lines.

d)            Responds to emergency calls and repairs faulty plumbing installations.  Includes testing piping systems by filling with water or air and reading pressure gauges to detect leakages and wrapping or clamping pipes or replacing pipe sections to effect repair.  Unblocks water supply, drainage or sewer lines as requested.  Cleans and lubricates tools, related machines and equipment and maintains them in good working order.

e)            Performs simple soldering, welding and general pipe fitting duties which include cutting pipes, threading and tapping and preparing pipes for jointing or welding and cleaning up after jobs.

f)             Carries out modifications to hot water systems to improve flow or pressure by changing valves or inlet pip sizes. Makes adjustment to thermostat temperature setting on water heaters when required.

g)            Performs related duties as assigned such as observing safety and fire regulations, restoring work area to clean and orderly condition participating in the work of other craftsmen as requested, maintaining stocks of consumables by drawing from store and the like.


The position is accountable for:

a)            Responding to and resolving problems relative to the supply and removal of water

b)            Installing and testing all manner of new water supply and drainage facilities including sewage lines

c)            Plumbing in such domestic items is emersion heaters, washing machines and the like.

d)            Making connections of pipes by soldering or any other means necessary

e)            Modifying existing systems as required

f)             Maintaining stocks of consumables

HSE Responsibility:

Each job holder has the following individual responsibility in respect of the company’s integrated HSE policy.

a.            Complying with all safety notices and signs

b.            Wearing protective clothing and using the appropriate protection equipment when necessary

c.             Reporting any hazard, potential hazard, accident or near miss of which they are aware

d.            Their own personal safety health and conduct

e.            The safety and health of other persons which may be affected by their actions or omissions

f.             Switching off lights/electrical equipment upon departure from the work area      

g.            Avoidance of tripping hazards by requesting correct routing of cables and the like

h.            The correct usage of associated equipment

i.              Practising good housekeeping

j.             Practising the use of safety belts in company cars

k.            Minimising fire and health hazards associated with tobacco smoking.

Work Contacts :  Regular work contacts,  limited to  immediate work  associates  at own level to receive and/or give instructions or to clarify work instructions.

Independence of Operation : Works according to standard instructions,  well defined procedures and craft standards.

Physical Effort : 80% – Using medium weight tools, equipment, lifting and carrying materials such as pipes, valves and taps.

Work Environment : 50% – Exposed to prevailing operating and weather conditions of heat, humidity, vibration noise, fumes and dirt.

Minimum Requirements :

a)            Completion of Preparatory (9 years) education, followed by 2 years’ formal training in plumbing.

b)            4 years experience in a similar job.

c)            Good knowledge of English.  

Please send us the following required documents and details.

1. Updated resume in word document format

2. Photo with white background

3. Coloured passport copy (Front and back)

4. If cancelled, cancellation copy

5. Visit visa copy (If on visit visa) and validity

6. Availability for interview if shortlisted

7. Current Location:

8. Contact Number:

9. Email Address:`

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