WELDER FABRICATOR (Manpower Pooling tomorrow)

WELDER FABRICATOR (Manpower Pooling tomorrow)

Abu Dhabi, UAE
Posted 3 years ago

Basic Function : Perform welding and fabrication activities related to new manufacture and repair of steel structures and equipment.

Work Performed:

a)            Works Reads and understands the provided sketches/drawings for fabrication activities.

b)            Withdraws materials required as per the drawings from the warehouse as per NDC procedures.

c)            Welding shall be performed as per welding procedures provided by the company. Care shall be taken to ensure proper upkeep of the welding consumables as stated in the procedures.

d)            Prepares material cutting plan based on the sketches/drawings to ensure optimum use of the structural steel with minimum wastage.

e)            Cuts material gas torch or sharing machine as per cutting plan and suitably identifies them for ease during fabrication.

f)             Deburries the cut edge using hand grinders, chisels, files etc. and prepares the welding surface.

g)            Performs welding activities using SMAW and TIG welding techniques.

h)            Ensures NDT is performed by third party on the weld, as applicable. In case any welding defects are observed the same shall be rectified and NDT repeated by third party.

i)             Assist in the preparation of field requisitions to obtain welding supplies at locations during Major Maintenance.

j)             Complies with all safety regulations and practices during the course of work.

k)            Performs other related duties such as proper care of welding machines, welding consumables, quivers, welding rod, storage ovens etc. Good housekeeping of their work area.


The position is accountable for:

a)            Setup and tack weld the cut pieces together as indicated in the fabrication drawing.

b)            Perform quality welding as per applicable welding procedures.

c)            Reporting the details of material used and time spent on each job to his immediate supervisor.

d)            Ensures that welding certificate expiry date is informed to the supervisor well in advance for timely renewal.

e)            Ensures timely renewal of the following documents as applicable: Onshore security pass, Offshore security pass, ADMA travel card, ZADCO optima card, ADCO driving license, Emirates ID, Basic firefighting and First aid, H2S, Passport.

HSE Responsibility:

Each job holder has the following individual responsibility in respect of the company’s integrated HSE policy.

a)            Complying with all safety notices and signs

b)            Wearing protective clothing and using the appropriate protection equipment when necessary

c)            Reporting any hazard, potential hazard, accident or near miss of which they are aware

d)            Their own personal safety health and conduct

e)            The safety and health of other persons which may be affected by their actions or omissions

f)             Switching off lights/electrical equipment upon departure from the work area      

g)            Avoidance of tripping hazards by requesting correct routing of cables and the like

h)            The correct usage of associated equipment

i)             Practicing good housekeeping

j)             Practicing the use of safety belts in company cars

k)            Minimizing fire and health hazards associated with tobacco smoking.

Work Contacts :  Has regular contact with immediate supervisor and other colleagues for daily work activities.

Independence of Operation :

a)            Duties are performed in accordance with established procedures and specialized technical welding standards.

b)            Completed work is spot-checked by supervisor.

Physical Effort : 90% – Physical  effort,  involving  the  movement  and  used  of   medium   weight welding equipment,  related tools and materials.

Work Environment : 90% – Exposed to prevailing weather conditions, heat, humidity, dirt, fumes torch flames for most of the working time.

Minimum Requirements :

a)            Completion of Secondary (12 years) education followed by 2 years’ formal training in welding.  Formal Welding Certification 6G.

b)            3 years’ experience in all types of welding.

c)            Basic knowledge in English.  

Please send us the following required documents and details.

1. Updated resume in word document format

2. Photo with white background

3. Coloured passport copy (Front and back)

4. If cancelled, cancellation copy

5. Visit visa copy (If on visit visa) and validity

6. Availability for interview if shortlisted

7. Current Location:

8. Contact Number:

9. Email Address:`

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