Tax Return Analyst

Tax Return Analyst

We are looking to employ a dedicated and experienced Tax Return Analyst. Should you be interested, please share us your updated CV to

Job Title: Tax Return Analyst
Work Location: Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Duties & Responsibilities:
o  Tax Return Review and Analysis
o  Verify the documentation submitted, identify any discrepancies, and request additional supporting documents from the taxpayer.
o  Review and ensure that the information and data integrity are as per the requirements and processes.
o  Monitor tax returns for suspicious behavior and report it to the supervisor or section head.
o  Prepare and submit reports on tasks handled.
o  Review and analyze financial data submitted by the taxpayers.
o  Provide initial observations related to taxable persons’ financial conditions and related operations.
o  Assist in the verification of accounting records.
o  Prepare written reports of tax return findings.
o  Document all tax return review activities.
o  Liaise with team members on complex tax return review.
o  Assist in performing procedures to identify fraud.
o  Maintain records/logs of suspected fraudulent activity.
o  Provide analysis for tax and penalties reporting.
o  Prepare assigned reports, memos, and materials.
o  Execute any other tasks assigned.

Minimum Education Requirements:
o  Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Accounting or Economics or other relevant degrees

o  4+ years’ experience in an auditing function

o  Experience in VAT or /and tax is preferable.

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