Assistant Undersecretary for the Care and Capacity Development Sector

Assistant Undersecretary for the Care and Capacity Development Sector

Posted 2 months ago

Location: Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Salary: Negotiable (UAE government salary scale plus benefits)

Nationality: UAE National


  • Experience in any government ministries in a leading position.
  • Background in a leading position in Human Resources
  • Minimum 15 years and above experience for master’s degree holder
  • Minimum 20 years and above experience for bachelor’s degree holder.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Prepare a full frame agreement for the policy of the education sector covering childhood, kindergarten, general education, higher education government and private sector including technical education and continuous education with the coordination between the related entity and government departments.
  • Supervision of the policy, analyzing the educational policy and to prepare substitute for those policies under the national direction and the vision of educational development.
  • Supervising studies and case studies covering how effective educational policies are.
  • Supervise and creating exploration policies to cover the future of education and the expected scenarios plus proposing the general plans to deal with the challenges through coordinating with academic planning future strategic ministry and emirates center for strategic studies and research.
  • Supervision of the cooperation between the organizing unit of the ministry related to the development of its own policy to secure or grant the successful formula of the general national frame educational policy.
  • Supervise any other related tasks, related to the work environment or given task by the minister or the deputy minister for the department of caring and skill development.
  • Supervise the process of creating policies and structural frames related to nationalize all the educational data among the UAE.
  • Supervise collecting and organizing and analyzing and distributing the educational data and its own research result completely covering childhood, kindergarten, general educational, high educational government and private sector plus technical and continuous education including the freezone areas.
  • Supervise building a full database and the system for the sector of education, coordinating with all the related entities in the country.
  • Supervise providing information, needed data to support the processes of building policies and taking decisions.
  • Supervise the process of building educational exploration policies related to the cooperation with the academic planning entity and the strategic and future entities. Plus, the entity of educational policies and other related entities, if needed.
  • Supervise the coordination with all the national entities related to the data of education, to ensure that the full department is covering the needed data among the country and the related entities.
  • Coordinate between organization and entities from outside the country which specialize and related to the educational data to ensure matching and updating the database compared to the international standards.
  • Perform any other related tasks that will be given to.
  • Develop the educational policies and process related to the special needs students which have difficulties in education in receiving education services through the educational facilities.
  • Develop policies, standards, leading programs, created and exploration plus sponsoring the creative and talented students in all the educational facilities.
  • General supervision and evaluate the performance of employees of the related department of the ministries and following up on the human resources program which target and focus on evaluating the performance, developing and training, encouraging and support.
  • Supervise operational and processes in the department of the ministry, to ensure applying all the systems regulations, policies which are accepted by the ministries.
  • Supervise all the level of the services provided through the department from the side of quality and accuracy effectiveness, professional and ethical plus providing suggestions to improve the level of day to day performance.
  • Supervise the initiative and scholarships related to researches facility.
  • Prepare reports covering the overall performance between the departments with all the improvements action needed plan.
  • Provide an action plan to achieve the ministries vision, mission and goals.
  • Provide continuous reports and recommendations related to the Human Resources decision in the different departments and the recommendations coming from the same department based on a certain timeframe.

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