Senior Tax Registration Analyst:

Senior Tax Registration Analyst:

Posted 4 months ago

Job Responsibilities:

  • General Roles; analysis, Administration, Business Assistance, and Office Management and Operational Roles for example, but not limited to:
  1. Review tax applications registrations and de-registrations for non-complex accounts.
  2. Verify the documentation submitted, identify any discrepancies, and request additional supporting documents.
  3. Update and adjust taxable person’s account and information (ex: bank account details, address, etc.)
  4. Proactively get taxable persons to register (as instructed by Tax Compliance and Enforcement).
  5. Coordinate with Taxpayer services to answer queries related to tax registrations and de-registrations.
  6. Levy the appropriate penalties and surcharges for late registrations as dictated by the tax policy.
  7. Register, validate and maintain business entity accounts.
  8. Ensure that data integrity confirms to registration requirements and processes.
  9. Monitor tax registrations for suspicious behavior.
  10. Review tax agent profiles proposed by taxable persons.
  11. Contact taxable persons or their tax agents to address account detail discrepancies and to request. supporting documentation. etc…
  12. Quality check procedures on random requests that have been worked on by other team members in order to identify errors, analyzing the root causes of errors and identifying corrective actions to avoid their recurrence in the future
  13. Preparing required reports and relevant forms and documents through MS Office tools that support the implementation of tax registration operations
  14. Distribution or work and application among other team members and analysts.

Minimum Qualification:

  • Bachelor in Business Administration (Accounting – Finance) or any relevant major.
  • Minimum 5 years of experience on the same role
  • Good English & Arabic Communication skills

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